Great question! There are a lot of qualified Septic Designers out there; however, very few of them are Licensed Civil Engineers. There are also a lot of qualified Licensed Civil Engineers; however, very few of them are Septic Designers. I AM BOTH...and can provide a more global approach to residential site planning which can save a lot of time and a lot of money. Let me explain...

Typically, the first thing you do is hire a Septic Designer to perform the initial site planning. They will design the septic system and provide a general site plan for the building permit submittal. However, it is becoming more common to find out at the submittal stage that you also have to hire a Licensed Civil Engineer to provide additional site planning because of new stormwater regulations. Unfortunately at this point you are forced into hiring another professional to help finish the job. That means two professionals are doing site visits, two professionals are designing two different systems (septic & drainage), two professionals are inspecting, two professionals are submitting two different record drawings...this all adds up to additional time and costs.

As a Licensed Civil Engineer, I can provide both the initial septic design and the engineered drainage plan when required. Not only do you get the efficiency of one professional for the initial submittal, any required revisions are completed simultaneously and resubmitted quicker. By choosing me, you will be eliminating the need for that extra professional; and thereby reducing time and costs.

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